Those Words I Dread

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91ObJAQMYkLWhen Trent Fa, misanthrope and self-induced loner, finds an injured man in his apartment, he’s ready to call the police. When the man tries to tell him that he’s not a man at all, but a fairy, Trent is ready to call a mental hospital.

Ciaran isn’t what Trent would have expected a fairy to be–he’s handsome and sly, with a thick Irish brogue and a biting wit. He says he’s on the run from a hunter of all things dangerous and supernatural, and he makes himself a hideout of Trent’s posh apartment despite the other man’s misgivings. The two get along like a pair of bad-tempered cats, and neither of them are interested in romance.

Despite having a hunter on his trail and a bad history of being used, Ciaran can’t seem to help noticing his reluctant host, and Trent is finding it more and more difficult to keep his desires closeted.