The Beast of Birmingham

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A Soul’s Worth

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The Left-Hand Path

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Those Words I Dread


Under the Devil’s Wing, book 1 of The Beast of Birmingham

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71XzsRTUQ9LSam is a werewolf without a cause. He only looks as far ahead as the next drink, the next woman, and the next good time, no matter what he leaves in his wake—mostly bodies and bitter progeny. A ruthless killer and an unrepentant philanderer, he’s spent over a hundred years as a drifter without a conscience. He’s a tall tale, a folk legend among his kind, affectionately nicknamed “Scratch” for the scars on his face and the marks he leaves on his victims.

Alicia is the one who got away. A Marine back from deployment and alone, she thought she’d find comfort in the stranger’s Southern drawl. But after barely surviving a night of Sam’s affections, she’s picking up the pieces when she’s approached by a mysterious man with an offer—take control of your life and hunt down the creature who mutilated you along with any more like him.

Sam doesn’t believe in werewolf hunters, and he definitely doesn’t remember any girl named Alicia, but he and the reluctant accomplices caught in his undertow have attracted the attention of the shadowy organization dedicated to saving the world from people like him.

In the midst of a chase Sam doesn’t even know he’s leading, both he and Alicia are about to be within reach of a man with deadly ambitions, and he will draw them into a conflict bigger than either of them were prepared for.

Into the Bear’s Den, book 2 of The Beast of Birmingham

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bdAfter a run-in with Sam, the fabled Beast of Birmingham, newly-recruited werewolf hunter Alicia barely escaped to Germany with her wounded partner. Here, there is no such thing as freedom for werewolves. From the moment they’re bitten, they are tagged, filed, and monitored. It should be a hunter’s dream.

All she wants is to lay hands on Sam, the cause of her hate and the source of her nightmares, but she’s constantly held back by restrictive orders and a new partner who might be a little too soft-hearted. Revenge must take a backseat to damage control as she finds herself blocked at every turn by bureaucrats who refuse to see the looming threat in front of them.

Adam Weiss is spinning a web of insurrection just under the surface of the hunters’ control, and all of Europe will be within his reach. While David sinks deeper and deeper into his old life, Sam is just happy to be getting some exercise, and his legend is finding an international stage.

With old friends and new, unexpected allies, Weiss will show the wolves of Europe that even bears can be torn down by a pack.

Down the Endless Road, book 3 of The Beast of Birmingham

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EndlessRoadKindleChaos brews just under the surface of Europe after Adam Weiss’s surprise attack against the Wolfjäger. The organization is in turmoil, retreating into itself for fear of total destruction. It’s more than a little frustrating for Alicia, who has less patience for bureaucracy than ever. If the council’s unwillingness to fight back wasn’t enough, there’s also the mystery of the missing Wolfjäger–there are too many outposts gone and not enough bodies.

Desperate for progress, Alicia joins up with a ragtag group of equally impatient special agents, who will show the werewolves what it really feels like to be hunted. Adam has problems even without the vigilantes’ interference. He’s keeping too many secrets, and those closest to him are losing their faith. He’s promised the werewolves their freedom, but his definition of free doesn’t seem to match David’s. Lukas has been relegated to an errand boy, and the position doesn’t sit well with him. Adam’s schemes might earn him more enemies than he expected.

Despite it all, the wheels keep turning, and no war lasts forever.

A Soul’s Worth

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justcoverWhat started out as a means to support Warren Hayward and his secret lover, Ben, has now become a booming business with an ever-rising price. Warren makes a good living by selling startlingly lifelike automatons to the super-wealthy of Victorian London. The only problem is that they aren’t automatons at all. They’re golems given life by witchcraft–and each one costs a human soul.

Warren’s road is paved with good intentions, but blood is the price of keeping his love secret and safe, and demand is high. Ben is a London constable with a good heart and a steady moral compass at odds with Warren’s sliding scale of ethics. With the help of two loyal Irish thugs and his first accidental golem, Warren is building an empire and keeping its inner workings secret from the man he loves. The business will lead him into the hedonism and power of high society, and being in the spotlight can drive a man to do desperate things.

With secrets, blood, and dangerous magic taking over his life, Warren risks losing himself for the sake of his love. Is there room for humanity when your business is death, and can a man remember why he started a journey when he can no longer see the start?

Mentor, book 1 of The Left Hand Path

Available October 31, 2015. Pre-Order: Amazon

8193nyjdM7LNathaniel Moore is a myth. He’s a witch too powerful to exist and too clever to be caught. He’s kept himself young for two hundred and fifty years with life-stealing dark magic and left a long trail of bodies in his wake, but no matter how many Chasers the Magistrate sent after him, not one of them was the challenge he wanted.

Elton Willis, a model Chaser for the Magistrate, expected the ultimate villain when he cracked the cold case and tracked Moore to a cheap apartment in Yuma. What he got was an infuriatingly carefree man who smokes like a chimney, laughs at puns, and treats his young apprentice like a daughter. It’s an uncomfortable discovery for someone determined to bring the man to the Magistrate’s gallows.

Further complicating the issue, Elton has accidentally let loose one of Nathan’s old enemies–a lich with a vengeful attitude and a thirst for human souls. Now the Chaser is forced to choose between taking Nathan in, which would leave the murderous monster to roam free, or teaming up with the object of his obsession to take the lich down.

The obvious answer, of course, is also the option that’s the biggest pain in Elton’s ass.

Those Words I Dread

Available November 6, 2015. Pre-Order: Amazon

91ObJAQMYkLWhen Trent Fa, misanthrope and self-induced loner, finds an injured man in his apartment, he’s ready to call the police. When the man tries to tell him that he’s not a man at all, but a fairy, Trent is ready to call a mental hospital.

Ciaran isn’t what Trent would have expected a fairy to be–he’s handsome and sly, with a thick Irish brogue and a biting wit. He says he’s on the run from a hunter of all things dangerous and supernatural, and he makes himself a hideout of Trent’s posh apartment despite the other man’s misgivings. The two get along like a pair of bad-tempered cats, and neither of them are interested in romance.

Despite having a hunter on his trail and a bad history of being used, Ciaran can’t seem to help noticing his reluctant host, and Trent is finding it more and more difficult to keep his desires closeted.